Scrumptious creamy croissants always on hand

If you want a sweet treat that can keep you full, Drive Cafe has got a solution.

The pre-packaged Drive Cafe croissants are a convenient sweet snack to have on hand.

Drive Cafe kroasani

Wherever you go, bring the best taste with you.

The fresh, rich and creamy Drive Cafe croissants are a perfect snack for any trip. Buy them at any of the Gazprom and NIS Petrol stations and take them wherever you go.

Choose your favourite flavour

With many flavours to choose from, you will definitely find your favourite.

Either a chocolate-filled croissant, a vanilla cream croissant, or chocolate bite-sized mini-croissants – each flavour offers a rich filling in a light pastry.

Drive Cafe Kroasani - Izbor po tvom ukusu
Drive Cafe kroasan - čokolada

A croissant with chocolate cream filling

Drive Cafe kroasan - vanila

A croissant with vanilla filling

Drive Cafe kroasan - lešnik

A croissant with hazelnut cream filling

Drive Cafe kroasan - kajsija

A croissant with apricot filling

Mini kroasan

Mini croissants with chocolate cream filling

Find your favourite flavour on the Gazprom and NIS Petrol filling stations and enjoy a perfect sweet treat.