The right choice for safer driving

Nisotec motor oils include a wide range of products of proven quality.

The Nisotec product range includes:

  • Motor oils;
  • Transmission and differential fluids and gear oil;
  • Agricultural and construction machinery oils;
  • Technical fluids;
  • Industrial oils;
  • Greases.

Nisotec engine oils are of proven quality, tested and approved by the most famous motor vehicle manufacturers. They provide better protection, greater efficiency, and longer engine life, as well as significant fuel savings.


Verified quality

The production of the Nisotec product range is the result of continuous improvement of the right quality formula, which has been confirmed by the most famous motor vehicle manufacturers: Mercedes, Volkswagen, MAN, Volvo, Cummins, Mack, Renault, which approve the use of Nisotec engine oils in their engines.