Euro Diesel

Euro diesel according to European standards

The fuel produced according to the latest European standards is the result of the technological processes of the Pančevo oil refinery.

It stands out on the domestic market and in the region for its superior quality properties, such as the cetane number, which determines the self-ignition ability of the fuel and directly affects the engine power.

Reliable start in all weather conditions

The quality of Euro diesel, which is demonstrated in winter weather conditions at low temperatures, is achieved by the process of dewaxing.

The dewaxing process, which ensures the best winter properties of Euro diesel, makes the Pančevo oil refinery the leading producer of winter Euro diesel in the region.

Euro Diesel

European production quality

It is a known fact that sulphur is harmful to the environment, and the higher the sulphur content, the more harmful diesel is to people and to the vehicle as well.

The high sulphur content affects the formation of sediment in the engine, the inability of the filter and catalyst to work, as well as the corrosion of metal parts. Euro diesel contains less sulfur than the maximum allowed sulfur content, which is 10 mg/kg.

Specific properties of our Euro diesel

Quiet engine operation

Safe start in winter conditions

Lower sulphur content

Efficient and quiet engine operation

Thanks to its composition and additives that actively clean the engine, Euro diesel is a fuel that protects the engine from corrosion, provides and reduces fuel consumption by providing superior vehicle performance, proper start and stable operation even in winter conditions.

Positive effects with the first fill

For better fuel efficiency and higher engine power, a high cetane number of Euro diesel fuel has a proven effect on more complete combustion.

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