1. G-Petrol d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Company) is the initiator of Zajedno na putu loyalty program (hereinafter: the Program) and the issuer of the loyalty card of the Program (hereinafter: the Card) for all registered users (hereinafter: Cardholders), which remains the property of the Company.

2. Any adult resident of B&H who meets the condition for obtaining the card may become a Cardholder. The condition involves the purchase of the right to participate in the program at the price of BAM 3 or fulfilment of special conditions within the promotional campaigns for which the rules will be specifically determined. After that, it is necessary to perform registration and make available the mandatory data specified in the application form (hereinafter: Application form) for the Program and sign the Application form in order to consent to the Terms and conditions of the program and other conditions of the Program.

3. The data of the Cardholders listed in the Application form shall be used exclusively to inform the Cardholders about the various promotions of the Programme. The information will be sent only to those Cardholders who have not stated that they do not wish to receive this information. Personal data about Cardholders shall not be exchanged with other Cardholders for marketing purposes, in accordance with the Law on personal data protection. Cardholders may at any time request that their personal data be no longer processed in writing or by calling the toll-free Call Centre number 08 005 8888.

4. The Cardholder’s data may be transferred to other legal entities, listed on the Application form, where they will be processed in accordance with the Law on personal data protection and used exclusively for the purpose of enabling the benefits provided by the Program.

5. The basic card is not transferable and can only be used by a registered Cardholder. The owner can change the data (indicated in point 13).

6. The manner of registration of the Cardholders, the value, obtaining, and redeeming the bonus points, as well as the limitations, are described in more detail on the website Zajedno na putu, and the Cardholders can also be informed about them at the Company’s points of sale (hereinafter: Petrol Stations), as well as by calling the free call center at 08 005 8888.

7. The right to bonus points shall be exercised by the Cardholder by purchasing at petrol stations in accordance with information that will be available to the Cardholder in a timely manner. In order to be entitled to bonus points when making a purchase, the Cardholder is obliged to show the card or to show the generated QR code from the Zajedno na putu mobile application to the staff of the Petrol Station where the transaction is made.

8. The Cardholder can get bonus points on every purchase, except when it comes to the purchase of coffee and hot drinks, tobacco and tobacco products, magazines, daily newspapers, all types of mobile top-ups and products from the range included in loyalty and Spend&Get programs.

9. There are 3 levels of the Card – SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM. They are assigned for the current month based on the level of consumption in the previous month, as follows:

Consumption in the previous month The card level in the current month
BAM 200-350 GOLD
BAM 350 and more PLATINUM

10. Depending on the card level and the type of the item purchased, the Cardholder receives bonus points listed below:


The number of bonus points per litre of purchased petroleum product*
The card level in the current month BMB 95,
SILVER 0,02 BAM/l 0,03 BAM/l 0,01 BAM/l
GOLD 0,04 BAM/l 0,05 BAM/l 0,02 BAM/l
PLATINUM 0,06 BAM/l 0,08 BAM/l 0,03 BAM/l



Store Cafe Car wash
SILVER 3% 3% 10%
GOLD 5% 5% 20%
PLATINUM 7% 7% 30%

NOTE: The exception to the above method of calculation are the following groups of shop items, to which no bonus is granted when purchasing:

  • Electronic mobile top-ups
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Magazines and daily newspapers
  • Products included in loyalty programs and Spend&Get programs

11. Cardholders can use the bonus points to pay for a part or all of the amount of one of the future bills.

12. When using the card for payment, it is not possible to collect bonus points.

13. The Cardholder shall have the right to change the information previously submitted to the Company in writing at any time. The Cardholder also has the right to cancel the use of the card in writing or by calling the toll-free Call Center number 08 005 8888, with the return of the card to the Company. The validity of the card shall cease from the moment of receipt of the notice of cancellation and return of the card by the Company.

14. The Company reserves the right to verify the identity of the Cardholder at any time.

15. The Company may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, exclude any Cardholder from the Program. The Company shall inform the Cardholder of the exclusion, but shall not be obliged to explain its decision to the Cardholder.

16. The Company reserves the right to change the rules of the Program at any time. The Company will inform the Cardholder of any change to the Terms and conditions of the program via the website www.gazpromnis.ba, within 15 days before the change to the Terms and conditions of the program. Current Terms and conditions are available on the website www.gazpromnis.ba.

17. In the event of loss or theft of the card, the Cardholder is obliged to report the disappearance of the card, by calling the toll-free Call Center 08 005 8888, after which the card will be blocked, in order to prevent misuse. The Company shall not be obliged to send a new card to the Cardholder instead of the missing card. The Cardholder must purchase a new card after the disappearance of the old card, if they wish to continue participating in the program. If the Cardholder has an existing bonus on the missing card, the Company is obliged to transfer the bonus from the missing card to the new one at the request of the Cardholder, as well as to transfer the level, if the level is different from SILVER. If the Cardholder does not report the loss of the card, the Company is not responsible for any misuse.

18. Any unauthorized copying and duplication of the card will be sanctioned in accordance with legal regulations. By signing the Application form, the Cardholder accepts these rules unconditionally.

19. The use of the Program card is limited by the rules for protection against misuse (hereinafter referred to as the Program limitations).

20. The Program limitations are an integral part of the Program and prescribe daily, weekly and monthly limits expressed according to the value of the purchase, the purchased quantity in litres, or the obtained bonus. Current limits can be found on the Limits web page.

21. By completing the Application form and joining the Program, the Cardholder gives consent to the existence of the Program limitations prescribed by the Company and of which they can be informed at any time via the website www.gazpromnis.ba.

22. The Company may at any time, without prior notice, change the Program limitations and shall not be obliged to inform the Cardholder thereof.

23. The deadline for the use of the bonus is 3 years from the date when the bonus was achieved. In case of exceeding this time limit, the bonus balance is written off in favour of the Company.

24. It is not possible to use the bonus until the confirmation of the registration of the Cardholder.

25. The benefits of the Program cannot be combined with the benefits of other programs available in the Company’s branches (e.g. Corporate cards, Taxi cards, Agro card).

26. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the card from circulation at any time and without prior notice and to change or completely cancel elements of the Program.