Optimal solutions for your business

We have provided optimum service solutions for your company through which you can procure high-quality fuels with a significant reduction in costs.

We carry out continuous cooperation with new clients through:

  • presentation of offers;
  • participation in public procurements;
  • harmonisation of contractual provisions
  • cooperation with diplomatic representative missions;
  • providing information on the method of payment;
  • providing information on the network of NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations;
  • cooperation with other card issuing companies – fuel card issuers.

Our main representative offices for corporate clients are located in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Regionalni centar

Corporate Sales Service

Bojan Umićević

Head of Corporate Sales Service

Dajana Putica

Corporate Card Expert

Faruk Imširpašić

Corporate Card Expert

Sales in Serbia

Thanks to the continuous improvement of our business, we provide professional support to our key corporate clients. Our offices are located in all major cities of Serbia, providing a high level of services tailored to the individual needs of the population.

Regionalna Predstavnistva Bugarska

Sales in Bulgaria

The professional approach is the standard that we adhere to at all times in all our offices in the region’s countries. The offices in Bulgaria are deployed in the larger cities and the cooperation is shaped according to the client’s business needs.

Regionalna Predstavnistva Rumunija

Sales in Romania

Our employees are accommodating when creating contracts and rebate agreements, as well as in other business situations of various business entities on the market. Our offices in Romania are adapted to the configuration of the terrain and oriented towards the effective realization of the business needs of our clients.