Refreshing energy

Awaken extra energy during a long working day or while driving. The powerful flavours of our energy drinks bring real delight. Find your favourite taste at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Balance of good energy

G-Drive energy drink provides additional power during driving thanks to a balanced amount of ingredients. Taurine is responsible for directly increasing energy, while caffeine increases alertness, which is especially important during long journeys.

Quality raw materials

G-Drive energy drinks are pasteurized and contain raw materials originating from two of the world’s largest manufacturers of soft drink bases, Wild and Döhler.

G-Drive energy Original


Experienced drivers recognize the good taste of G-Drive Original (250ml or 500ml). The right energy source gives you the boost you need to get to your destination.

G-Drive energy Cherry


A refreshing cherry (250ml) is a great choice of energy that stimulates your senses. The strong fruity taste helps you stay focused during your trip.

G-Drive energy Mango & Guava

Mango and guava

Exotic flavours give powerful additional energy that delights the senses (250ml). This playful combination provides a real boost of energy while driving.

G-Drive energy No Sugar

No sugar

A powerful wave of energy reaches you even without any sugar added (250ml). G-Drive no sugar is the perfect choice even for extremely long drives.