Fuel gas

LPG – lower emissions for higher energy of the vehicle

Adapted to the devices of the newer generation, LPG is an ideal fuel for newer generation vehicles, as well as for converted cars.

Thanks to lower CO2 emissions, it allows for significant savings and reduces environmental pollution compared to vehicle emissions powered by other types of fuel.

Economic from the first fill

The multiple advantages of gas are reflected in the low price, as well as in the impact on the engine and the vehicle. By providing a longer engine life and lower vehicle maintenance costs, our car LPG provides a longer period for oil and spark plug replacement, as well as a longer catalyst life.

A more optimum choice for the environment

More favourable than standard fuels, gas is cleaner and more favourable from the environmental aspect.

More locations

The network of NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations where LPG is available is constantly increasing, through the placement of installations at existing and new petrol stations.

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Map of petrol stations

Enjoy your trip to the maximum and arrive safely at your destination. Discover which of our petrol stations sell LPG.