Od kada se poznajemo - O nama

A common journey that lasts

Gazprom and NIS Petrol filling stations offer the best-quality fuel and a wide range of quality products under the G-Drive and Drive Cafe brands.

We are a subsidiary of Naftna industrija Srbije (NIS), one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in the southeast Europe, and operate over 40 Gazprom and NIS Petrol filling stations across Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Our company employs about 500 people.

Apart from regular activities we are involved in numerous social responsibility projects aimed at improving the wellbeing of the local communities where we work. We particularly focus on sport and helping the socially vulnerable groups.

About us - NIS and Gazprom petrol

What can we do for you?

You will be greeted with this question at any of our 40 filling stations across Bosnia and Hercegovina. Committed to offering our clients the best service possible, we maintain a wide range of high-quality goods and services.

Experienced drivers know that the high quality of G-Drive fuel protects the engine, improves its performance and optimizes its operation. We provide innovative solutions that will make every journey enjoyable.

Wherever you go, at our stations offer you a place to rest and recharge for a comfortable and safe trip. Among the wide range or brands, products and services every guest can find what they need. From the best quality of fuel to servicing large corporate car fleets, our network can meet every need.

Whatever Drive Cafe you choose for your break, you will find the best quality of service. A variety of hot and cold beverages and fresh foods will satisfy any taste. Choose from a wide range of high-quality brands to get whatever you might need on your trip.

Reliable quality across the network of over 40 Gazprom and NIS Petrol filling stations.

About us - NIS and Gazprom petrol

Constant quality of service

We are here not for a one-off visit, but for a long-term cooperation, so we created the Zajedno na putu loyalty program. Clients can collect and spend bonus and enjoy various special offers.

Our corporate clients can enjoy offers tailored to their business needs, which will make every meeting with us not only more pleasant, but also more profitable.

About us - NIS and Gazprom petrol

Commitment to customers and employees

Our corporate and wholesale partners deserve equal attention. The relationship of mutual trust and transparency creates new opportunities.

Our clients can attest to the highest quality standards of petroleum products and services.

However, what makes us especially proud is our team, the core of our success. On this website page – Employment you can find out all the information on how to join the team that has been achieving success in business for years.

We are especially proud of our people, who are the core of our success.