What are G-Drive premium fuels?

G-Drive fuels are high-quality premium fuels with additives offered at Gazprom and NIS Petrol stations, which improve the engine performance and lifespan, as well as the driving experience.

What are the benefits of G-Drive 100 petrol for a car engine?

The G-Drive 100 contains the latest-generation active components which deliver more power, improve acceleration, and effectively protect from corrosion. Using G-Drive 100 fuel increases engine lifespan and reduces the risk of malfunctions.

What are the benefits of G-Drive diesel fuel for a car engine?

Higher quality fuels improve engine performance as well as the driving experience. G-Drive diesel increases engine power, ensures more efficient fuel combustion and more stable engine operation, and improves engine start-up.

Can G-Drive 100 be combined with petrol with a lower octane rating?

G-Drive 100 fuel can be combined with another fuel with a lower octane number. However, in this case, your car won’t enjoy all the benefits of G-Drive fuel, since this combination will lower the octane number and fuel quality.

Can G-Drive diesel be combined with Euro diesel?

G-Drive diesel fuel can be combined with Euro diesel, but the additives are carefully formulated to ensure their concentrations provide the best performance. Combining G-Drive diesel fuel with ordinary Euro diesel reduces the concentration of additives, which decreases their benefits and their ability to increase power and clean the engine.

What is the octane rating of G-Drive fuel?

The minimum octane number of G-Drive 100 petrol is always 100, while Euro premium BMB 95 has a minimum octane number of 95. The Market Inspection of the Republic of Serbia performs regular inspections of fuel quality at all petrol stations. Any non-compliance with regard to quality, including inadequate octane numbers, constitutes a trading standards offence for which the appropriate penal policy would be followed. In addition to the monitoring of legal compliance, significant funds are invested in fuel quality control at petrol stations.

Why is it important to have good diesel fuel during the winter?

High-quality diesel fuel is enriched with additives that ensure the optimal performance of your car even at low temperatures. In addition to being highly reliable in cold weather, high-quality diesel fuel increases the efficiency of fuel combustion and ensures easier start, increased engine power, and operation stability.

What is the cold filter plugging point (CFPP)?

The cold filter plugging point (CFPP) is the lowest temperature at which diesel fuel still passes through a fuel filtration device under laboratory conditions. The maximum CFPP, according to the standard for diesel fuels (BAS EN 590), is -10°C in winter conditions.

Does an engine’s ability to start an engine depend solely on fuel?

An engine’s start-up time does not depend solely on fuel. The start-up time also depends on the age of the vehicle, engine oil, the condition of the engine and filters, as well as on the antifreeze agent in the vehicle.

Does the G-Drive brand offer only G-Drive fuels?

In addition to high-quality G-Drive fuels, the brand also offers a range of additional products, such as: energy drinks, windscreen washer fluid, and iced coffee.

What flavours of G-Drive energy drinks are included in the offer?

There are four types of G-Drive energy drinks:

  • Original flavor;
  • Cherry;
  • Mango-guava, and
  • No sugar.

What types of G-Drive windscreen fluids are offered?

We offer two types of windscreen washer fluids:

  • G-Drive auto glass winter – pleasant-scented fluid for washing the windscreen in winter conditions,
  • G-Drive auto glass summer – designed for washing the windscreen in summer conditions, and
  • G-Drive auto glass winter strong – fluid with a pleasant scent, free of methanol, does not create foam, and significantly contributes to safe driving even at extremely low temperatures up to -30℃.