What is a fuel card?

Designed for all those who want to improve their business, the Gazprom corporate fuel card ensures easy use of the system for purchasing and monitoring fuel consumption.

If your company has one or more vehicles, the fuel card is adapted to the different needs of fuel procurement and other purchases at gas stations, from guaranteed quality to cost reduction.

Provide a wide range of products and services that will save you time and money.

The next-generation card

The Gazprom fuel card provides many opportunities when shopping at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations. Whether you buy fuel or wide-range products, you can use additional benefits and exclusive offers with your fuel card, tailored to more efficient business.

We offer:

Bezgotovinsko plaćanje

Cashless payment

In accordance with modern payment methods, cashless payment is possible with our card in the widest network of petrol stations in the region.

Više vrsta kartica

Multiple card types

Because the needs of our partners are different, you can customize the card to your needs with a debit, individual, or credit card.

Komercijalni popusti

Commercial discounts

Get various commercial discounts for more efficient operations.

Optimizacija troškova

Costs optimization

Work more efficiently and make significant savings.

Lični menadžer

Personal manager

This service is available to you for timely card servicing, insight into all transactions, changing the limit, and blocking the card.

Web-kabinet i aplikacija

Web Cabinet portal and application

Access to card information is available through a computer with the help of a Web Cabinet portal or a mobile phone, with the help of a mobile application for corporate clients.

Call centar 24h

24-hour available Call Centre

A free Call Centre service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the number 08 005 8888.

Avansne uplate

Advance payments

Depending on your needs, a choice between an advance payment or a credit card is available.

Card types

Debit card:

The debit card is intended for companies and provides access to a single card group account. The funds are deposited into the account in advance and thus enable advance payment of fuel and other products and services.

Individual card:

Created for the needs of an individual, the individual card is a type of a debit card. It is intended for personal use and uses the funds assigned exclusively to that card in advance.

Credit card:

You can use a credit card to purchase fuel and other products on a deferred basis. The period during which the deferred payment is realized is previously defined by the contract.