G-Drive diesel

The new-generation fuel increases the engine power of the vehicle thanks to the active components of additives and Euro diesel of the highest quality. G-Drive diesel provides a reliable winter start and prevents corrosion providing superior performance and longer engine life.

G-Drive 100

A new-power fuel containing 100 octanes and active lubricating additives, contributes to boosting the power, proper functioning, and longevity of the engine. Manufactured in accordance with the highest technological standards, it effectively removes impurities and improves engine dynamics.

Euro diesel

Standard Euro diesel is manufactured in accordance with European quality criteria for reliable engine operation in all weather conditions. This fuel with high-tech additives and low sulphur value provides an excellent start at low temperatures offering quiet engine operation.

Euro premium BMB 95

Manufactured in accordance with the European standard, it contributes to the preservation of the vehicle as well as the environment, due to the reduced emission of harmful exhaust gases. This unleaded 95-octane petrol engine facilitates a cold start and  improves warm-up and reaching engine operating temperature and acceleration of the engine.


Fully adapted to the devices of the newer generation, LPG is ideal for vehicles designed for it as well as for converted cars. It provides lower vehicle maintenance costs, as it ensures a longer oil change period, duration of spark plugs and catalysts, as well as less environmental pollution.