Euro Premium BMB 95

Petrol according to European standards

The fuel produced according to the latest European standards can be purchased at all Gazprom and NIS Petrol stations.

Thanks to its composition, it is suitable for all new-generation cars, and it contributes to the preservation of the environment and the vehicle as well.

Euro premium 95 is the basic fuel of premium G-Drive fuel of 100 octane. It has the greatest influence on the quality of G-Drive 100 fuel.

Reliable quality

Euro premium BMB 95 is produced in accordance with the European EN 228 petrol quality standard in the Pančevo oil refinery.

The quality of this type of petrol is reflected in the octane number, which shows the measure of  resistance to unwanted detonations and more comprehensive use of the energy contained in the fuel.

Advantages of Euro premium BMB 95 petrol

Positive impact on working capacity
and period of car exploitation

Good start of the engine
at all seasons

Reduction of harmful exhaust gas emissions
and contribution to the
preservation of the environment

Euro Premium BMB 95

Distillation characteristics

In order for the performance of the engine to be good under different operating conditions, the share of distilled fractions is of utmost importance. The proportional ratio of these fractions ensures easier cold start-up of the engine and better warm-up and acceleration of the engine.

Euro Premium BMB 95

Vapour pressure

In order to ensure reliable start-up of the engine depending on the season, the vapor pressure of petrol is also different. The vapor pressure represents the fuel volatility in order to ensure the start-up of the cold engine in low outdoor temperature conditions. On the other hand, fuel must not be too easily volatile, as in this case it would evaporate in the tank or fuel lines.

Lower sulphur content

It is a known fact that sulphur is harmful to the environment, and the higher the sulphur content, the more harmful petrol is to people and to the vehicle as well.

The reduced content enables the operation of the engine in a less corrosive environment, which has a positive effect on the extended service life of the vehicle, as well as on the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

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